Sindhi Sound يي
English Pronunciation ye
Typographical Positions
Isolate ي
Initials يـ
Middle ـيـ
Last ـي

In Sindhi يَڪتارو
English Pronunciation yakt~aro
English Meaning String
Urdu Meaning یکتارہ
Combined Word يَڪتارو
Separate Word يَـ ـڪـ ـتـ ـا رو

In Sindhi يَڪو
English Pronunciation yako
English Meaning Ace (in-Cards)
Urdu Meaning یکا
Combined Word يَڪو
Separate Word يَـ ـڪـ و
Some example of Usage
يُو يُ يِي يِ يَا يَ
يَنۡ يَو يو يَي يي

Sindhi Sound همزو
English Pronunciation hamzo
Typographical Positions
Isolate ء
Initials ئـ
Middle ـئـ
Last ء

In Sindhi اَئِٽ
English Pronunciation aitu
English Meaning Spindle
Urdu Meaning چرخہ
Combined Word اَئِٽ
Separate Word اَئِـ ـٽ

In Sindhi ماءُ
English Pronunciation maau
English Meaning Mother
Urdu Meaning ماں
Combined Word ماءُ
Separate Word مـ ـا ء ُ
Some example of Usage
ئُو ئُ ئِي ئِ ئَا ئَ
ئَنۡ ئَو ئو ئَي ئي

Sindhi Sound هي
English Pronunciation he
Typographical Positions
Isolate هه
Initials هـ
Middle ـهـ
Last ہ

In Sindhi هاٿِي
English Pronunciation haath~ee
English Meaning Elephent
Urdu Meaning ہاتھی
Combined Word هاٿِي
Separate Word هـ ـا ٿـ ِـي

In Sindhi هَرَڻُ
English Pronunciation haran~u
English Meaning Deer
Urdu Meaning ہرن
Combined Word هَرَڻُ
Separate Word هَـ ـرَ ڻُ
Some example of Usage
هُو هُ هِي هِ هَا هَ
هَنۡ هَو هو هَي هي

Sindhi Sound واءُ
English Pronunciation vaau
Typographical Positions
Isolate و
Initials و
Middle ـو
Last ـو

In Sindhi واڍو
English Pronunciation vaadho
English Meaning Carpenter
Urdu Meaning بڑھئی
Combined Word واڍو
Separate Word و ا ڍ و

In Sindhi واڱَڻُ
English Pronunciation vaag~anu
English Meaning Brinjal
Urdu Meaning بینگن
Combined Word واڱَڻُ
Separate Word واڱَـ ڻُ
Some example of Usage
وُو وُ وِي وِ وَا وَ
وَنۡ وَو وو وَي وي

Sindhi Sound ڻي
English Pronunciation n~e
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڻ
Initials ڻـ
Middle ـڻـ
Last ـڻ

In Sindhi وَڻُ
English Pronunciation van~u
English Meaning Tree
Urdu Meaning درخت
Combined Word وَڻُ
Separate Word وَ ڻُ

In Sindhi راڻِي
English Pronunciation raan~ee
English Meaning Queen
Urdu Meaning رانی
Combined Word راڻِي
Separate Word راڻِـ ـي
Some example of Usage
ڻُو ڻُ ڻِي ڻِ ڻَا ڻَ
ڻَنۡ ڻَو ڻو ڻَي ڻي

Sindhi Sound نُون
English Pronunciation noon
Typographical Positions
Isolate ن
Initials نـ
Middle ـنـ
Last ـن

In Sindhi نَٿَ
English Pronunciation nath~a
English Meaning Nose Ring
Urdu Meaning نتھنی
Combined Word نَٿَ
Separate Word نَـ ـٿَ

In Sindhi نانگُ
English Pronunciation naa`ngu
English Meaning Snake
Urdu Meaning سانپ
Combined Word نانگُ
Separate Word نا نـ گُ
Some example of Usage
نُو نُ نِي نِ نَا نَ
نَنۡ نَو نو نَي ني

Sindhi Sound مِيمُ
English Pronunciation meem
Typographical Positions
Isolate م
Initials مـ
Middle ـمـ
Last ـم

In Sindhi مَسُ
English Pronunciation masu
English Meaning Ink
Urdu Meaning سیاہی
Combined Word مَسُ
Separate Word مَـ سُ

In Sindhi مَڇِي
English Pronunciation machhee
English Meaning Fish
Urdu Meaning مچھلی
Combined Word مَڇِي
Separate Word مَـ ـڇِـ ـي
Some example of Usage
مُو مُ مِي مِ مَا مَ
مَنۡ مَو مو مَي مي

Sindhi Sound لام
English Pronunciation laamu
Typographical Positions
Isolate ل
Initials لـ
Middle ـلـ
Last ـل

In Sindhi لَڪُڻُ
English Pronunciation lakun~u
English Meaning Stick
Urdu Meaning لاٹھی
Combined Word لَڪُڻُ
Separate Word لَـ ـڪُـ ڻُ

In Sindhi لَغَڙُ
English Pronunciation laghhar^u
English Meaning Kite
Urdu Meaning پتنگ
Combined Word لَغَڙُ
Separate Word لـَ ـغَـ ڙُ
Some example of Usage
لُو لُ لِي لِ لَا لَ
لَنۡ لَو لو لَي لي

Sindhi Sound ڱي
English Pronunciation g~e
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڱ
Initials ڱـ
Middle ـڱـ
Last ـڱ

In Sindhi سِڱَ
English Pronunciation sing~a
English Meaning Horns
Urdu Meaning سینگ
Combined Word سِڱَ
Separate Word سِـ ـڱَ

In Sindhi آڱُرِ
English Pronunciation ang~ure
English Meaning Finger
Urdu Meaning انگلی
Combined Word آڱُرِ
Separate Word آ ڱُـ رِ
Some example of Usage
ڱُو ڱُ ڱِي ڱِ ڱَا ڱَ
ڱَنۡ ڱَو ڱو ڱَي ڱي

Sindhi Sound گهي
English Pronunciation ghe
Typographical Positions
Isolate گھ
Initials گهـ
Middle ـگھـ
Last ـگھه

In Sindhi گھوڙو
English Pronunciation ghor^o
English Meaning Horse
Urdu Meaning گھوڑا
Combined Word گھوڙو
Separate Word گهـ ـو ڙو

In Sindhi گهڙِيال
English Pronunciation ghar^iyaalu
English Meaning Clock
Urdu Meaning گھڑی
Combined Word گهڙِيال
Separate Word گَھـ ـڙِيـ ـا ل
Some example of Usage
گھُو گھُه گھِي گھِه گھَا گھَ
گھَنۡ گھَو گھو گھَي گھي

Sindhi Sound ڳي
English Pronunciation g^e
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڳ
Initials ڳـ
Middle ـڳـ
Last ـڳ

In Sindhi ڳَئُون
English Pronunciation g^aoon
English Meaning Cow
Urdu Meaning گائے
Combined Word ڳَئُون
Separate Word ڳَـ ـئُـ ـون

In Sindhi ڳيرو
English Pronunciation g^ero
English Meaning Dove
Urdu Meaning فاختہ
Combined Word ڳيرو
Separate Word ڳـ ـيـ رو
Some example of Usage
ڳُو ڳُ ڳِي ڳِ ڳَا ڳَ
ڳَنۡ ڳَو ڳو ڳَي ڳي

Sindhi Sound گاف
English Pronunciation gaafu
Typographical Positions
Isolate گ
Initials گـ
Middle ـگـ
Last ـگ

In Sindhi گَڏههُ
English Pronunciation gad^ahu
English Meaning Donkey
Urdu Meaning گدھا
Combined Word گَڏههُ
Separate Word گَـ ـڏَ هُه

In Sindhi گابو
English Pronunciation gaabo
English Meaning Calf
Urdu Meaning بچہڑا
Combined Word گابو
Separate Word گـ ـا بـ و
Some example of Usage
گُو گُ گِي گِ گَا گَ
گَنۡ گَو گو گَي گي

Sindhi Sound کي
English Pronunciation khe
Typographical Positions
Isolate ک
Initials کـ
Middle ـکـ
Last ـک

In Sindhi کَٽَ
English Pronunciation khataa
English Meaning Cot
Urdu Meaning کھاٹ
Combined Word کَٽَ
Separate Word کَـ ـٽَ

In Sindhi کارو
English Pronunciation khaaro
English Meaning Basket
Urdu Meaning ٹوکرا
Combined Word کارو
Separate Word کـ ـا رو
Some example of Usage
کُو کُ کِي کِ کَا کَ
کَنۡ کَو کو کَي کي

Sindhi Sound ڪاف
English Pronunciation kaaf
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڪ
Initials ڪـ
Middle ـڪـ
Last ـڪ

In Sindhi ڪُتو
English Pronunciation kut~o
English Meaning Dog
Urdu Meaning کتا
Combined Word ڪُتو
Separate Word ڪُـ ـتـ و

In Sindhi ڪينچِي
English Pronunciation kaenchi
English Meaning Scissors
Urdu Meaning قينچي
Combined Word ڪينچِي
Separate Word ڪـ ـيـ ـنـ ـچـِ ـي
Some example of Usage
ڪُو ڪُ ڪِي ڪِ ڪَا ڪَ
ڪَنۡ ڪَو ڪو ڪَي ڪي

Sindhi Sound قاف
English Pronunciation kaafu
Typographical Positions
Isolate ق
Initials قـ
Middle ـقـ
Last ـق

In Sindhi قَلَمُ
English Pronunciation kalamu
English Meaning Pen
Urdu Meaning قلم
Combined Word قَلَمُ
Separate Word قَـ ـلَـ ـمُ

In Sindhi قَطارَ
English Pronunciation kataara
English Meaning Row
Urdu Meaning قطار
Combined Word قَطارَ
Separate Word قَـ ـطـ ـا رَ
Some example of Usage
قُو قُ قِي قِ قَا قَ
قَنۡ قَو قو قَي قي

Sindhi Sound ڦي
English Pronunciation phe
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڦ
Initials ڦـ
Middle ـڦـ
Last ـڦ

In Sindhi ڦِيٿو
English Pronunciation pheeth~o
English Meaning Wheel
Urdu Meaning پہیہ
Combined Word ڦِيٿو
Separate Word ڦِـ ـيـ ـٿـ ـو

In Sindhi ڦَڻِي
English Pronunciation phan~ee
English Meaning Comb
Urdu Meaning کنگی
Combined Word ڦَڻِي
Separate Word ڦَـ ـڻـ ـي
Some example of Usage
ڦُو ڦُ ڦِي ڦِ ڦَا ڦَ
ڦَنۡ ڦَو ڦو ڦَي ڦي

Sindhi Sound في
English Pronunciation fe
Typographical Positions
Isolate ف
Initials فـ
Middle ـفـ
Last ـف

In Sindhi فانُوس
English Pronunciation faanoos
English Meaning Lamp
Urdu Meaning فانوس
Combined Word فانُوسُ
Separate Word فـ ـا نُـ وسُ

In Sindhi فَوجَ
English Pronunciation faoja
English Meaning Army
Urdu Meaning فوج
Combined Word فَوجَ
Separate Word فَـ ـو جَ
Some example of Usage
فُو فُ فِي فِ فَا فَ
فَنۡ فَو فو فَي في

Sindhi Sound غَين
English Pronunciation ghhainu
Typographical Positions
Isolate غ
Initials غـ
Middle ـغـ
Last ـغ

In Sindhi غالِيچو
English Pronunciation ghhaaleecho
English Meaning Carpet
Urdu Meaning غالیچہ
Combined Word غالِيچو
Separate Word غـ ـا لِـ ـيـ چـ و

In Sindhi غُليل
English Pronunciation ghhulaila
English Meaning Catapult
Urdu Meaning غلیل
Combined Word غُليل
Separate Word غُـ ـلـ يـ ل
Some example of Usage
غُو غُ غِي غِ غَا غَ
غَنۡ غَو غو غَي غي

Sindhi Sound عَين
English Pronunciation ain
Typographical Positions
Isolate ع
Initials عـ
Middle ـعـ
Last ـع

In Sindhi عَينَڪ
English Pronunciation ainaka
English Meaning Glasses
Urdu Meaning عینک
Combined Word عَينَڪ
Separate Word عـَ ـيـ ـنَـ ڪَ

In Sindhi عَورَتَ
English Pronunciation aurat~a
English Meaning Woman
Urdu Meaning عورت
Combined Word عَورَتَ
Separate Word عَـ ـو رَ تَ
Some example of Usage
عُو عُ عِي عِ عَا عَ
عَنۡ عَو عو عَي عي

Sindhi Sound ظُئي
English Pronunciation zue
Typographical Positions
Isolate ظ
Initials ظـ
Middle ـظـ
Last ـظ

In Sindhi ظالِم
English Pronunciation zaalim
English Meaning Cruel
Urdu Meaning ظالم
Combined Word ظالِم
Separate Word ظ ـالـِ ـم

In Sindhi ظُرُوفَ
English Pronunciation zaroofu
English Meaning Pots
Urdu Meaning ظروف
Combined Word ظُرُوفَ
Separate Word ظُـ رُ و فَ
Some example of Usage
ظُو ظُ ظِي ظِ ظَا ظَ
ظَنۡ ظُو ظو ظَي ظي

Sindhi Sound طُئي
English Pronunciation t~ue
Typographical Positions
Isolate ط
Initials طـ
Middle ـطـ
Last ـط

In Sindhi طوطو
English Pronunciation t~ot~o
English Meaning Parrot
Urdu Meaning طوطا
Combined Word طوطو
Separate Word طـ ـو ط ـو

In Sindhi طَبِلا
English Pronunciation t~abilaa
English Meaning Drums
Urdu Meaning طبلے
Combined Word طَبِلا
Separate Word طَ ـبـِ ل ا
Some example of Usage
طُو طُ طِي طِ طَا طَ
طَنۡ طَو طو طَي طي

Sindhi Sound ضُواد
English Pronunciation zuaad
Typographical Positions
Isolate ض
Initials ضـ
Middle ـضـ
Last ـض

In Sindhi ضَعِيفُ
English Pronunciation zaeefu
English Meaning Weak
Urdu Meaning ضعیف
Combined Word ضَعِيفُ
Separate Word ضَـ ـعِـ ـيـ ـفُ

In Sindhi ضَربَ
English Pronunciation zarba
English Meaning Multiply
Urdu Meaning ضرب
Combined Word ضَربَ
Separate Word ضَـ ـر بَ
Some example of Usage
ضُو ضُ ضِي ضِ ضَا ضَ
ضَنۡ ضَو ضو ضَي ضي

Sindhi Sound صُواد
English Pronunciation suaad
Typographical Positions
Isolate ص
Initials صـ
Middle ـصـ
Last ـص

In Sindhi صُوف
English Pronunciation soofu
English Meaning Apple
Urdu Meaning سیب
Combined Word صُوف
Separate Word صُـ ـوفُ

In Sindhi صَندُوقَ
English Pronunciation sandooka
English Meaning Box
Urdu Meaning صندوق
Combined Word صَندُوقَ
Separate Word صَـ ـنـ دُوقَ
Some example of Usage
صُو صُ صِي صِ صَا صَ
صَنۡ صَو صو صَي صي

Sindhi Sound شِين
English Pronunciation sheen
Typographical Positions
Isolate ش
Initials شـ
Middle ـشـ
Last ـش

In Sindhi شِينهُن
English Pronunciation shee`nhu
English Meaning Lion
Urdu Meaning شیر
Combined Word شِينهُن
Separate Word شِـ ـيـ ـنـ ـهُـ ن

In Sindhi شَمَعَ
English Pronunciation shamaa
English Meaning Candle
Urdu Meaning شمع
Combined Word شَمَعَ
Separate Word شَـ ـمَـ ـع
Some example of Usage
شُو شُ شِي شِ شَا شَ
شَنۡ شَو شو شَي شي

Sindhi Sound سِين
English Pronunciation seenu
Typographical Positions
Isolate س
Initials سـ
Middle ـسـ
Last ـس

In Sindhi سِيٽِي
English Pronunciation seetee
English Meaning Whistle
Urdu Meaning سیٹی
Combined Word سِيٽِي
Separate Word سِـ ـيـ ٽِـ ـي

In Sindhi سِجُ
English Pronunciation siju
English Meaning Sun
Urdu Meaning سورج
Combined Word سِجُ
Separate Word سِـ جُ
Some example of Usage
سُو سُ سِي سِ سَا سَ
سَنۡ سَو سو سَي سي

Sindhi Sound زي
English Pronunciation ze
Typographical Positions
Isolate ز
Initials ز
Middle ـز
Last ـز

In Sindhi زَنجِيرَ
English Pronunciation zanjeera
English Meaning Chain
Urdu Meaning زنجیر
Combined Word زَنجِيرَ
Separate Word زَنـ ـجِـ ـيـ رَ

In Sindhi زمين
English Pronunciation zameena
English Meaning Earth
Urdu Meaning زمین
Combined Word زَمينَ
Separate Word زَمـ ـيـ نَ
Some example of Usage
زُو زُ زِي زِ زَا زَ
زَنۡ زَو زو زَي زي

Sindhi Sound ڙي
English Pronunciation r^e
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڙ
Initials ڙ
Middle ـڙ
Last ـڙ

In Sindhi ماڙِي
English Pronunciation maar^ee
English Meaning Building
Urdu Meaning منزل / مالہ
Combined Word ماڙِي
Separate Word مـ ـاڙِي

In Sindhi رَٻَڙُ
English Pronunciation rab^ar^u
English Meaning Rubber
Urdu Meaning ربڑ
Combined Word رَٻَڙُ
Separate Word رَ ٻَـ ـڙُ
Some example of Usage
ڙُو ڙُ ڙِي ڙِ ڙَا ڙَ
ڙَنۡ ڙَو ڙو ڙَي ڙي

Sindhi Sound ري
English Pronunciation re
Typographical Positions
Isolate ر
Initials ر
Middle ـر
Last ـر

In Sindhi ريل
English Pronunciation rela
English Meaning Train
Urdu Meaning ریل
Combined Word رَيل
Separate Word رَ يـ ـل

In Sindhi رِڇُ
English Pronunciation richhu
English Meaning Bear
Urdu Meaning ریچھ
Combined Word رِڇُ
Separate Word رِ ڇُ
Some example of Usage
رُو رُ رِي رِ رَا رَ
رَنۡ رَو رو رَي ري

Sindhi Sound ذال
English Pronunciation zaal
Typographical Positions
Isolate ذ
Initials ذ
Middle ـذ
Last ـذ

In Sindhi ذرو
English Pronunciation zaro
English Meaning Particle
Urdu Meaning ذرہ
Combined Word ذَرو
Separate Word ذَ ر و

In Sindhi ذَخِيرو
English Pronunciation zakhheero
English Meaning Store
Urdu Meaning ذخیرہ
Combined Word ذَخِيرو
Separate Word ذَ خِـ ـيـ رو
Some example of Usage
ذُو ذُ ذِي ذِ ذَا ذَ
ذَنۡ ذَو ذو ذَي ذي

Sindhi Sound ڍي
English Pronunciation dhe
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڍ
Initials ڍ
Middle ـڍ
Last ـڍ

In Sindhi ڍڳو
English Pronunciation dhag^o
English Meaning Ox
Urdu Meaning بَیل
Combined Word ڍَڳو
Separate Word ڍَ ڳـ ـو

In Sindhi ڍَڪُ
English Pronunciation dhaku
English Meaning Cover
Urdu Meaning ڈھکن
Combined Word ڍَڪُ
Separate Word ڍَ ڪُ
Some example of Usage
ڍُو ڍُ ڍِي ڍِ ڍَا ڍَ
ڍَنۡ ڍَو ڍو ڍَي ڍي

Sindhi Sound ڊي
English Pronunciation de
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڊ
Initials ڊ
Middle ـڊ
Last ـڊ

In Sindhi ڊيل
English Pronunciation dela
English Meaning Peahen
Urdu Meaning مورنی
Combined Word ڊيل
Separate Word ڊَ يـ لَ

In Sindhi ڊاکَ
English Pronunciation daakha
English Meaning Black Grapes
Urdu Meaning منقیا
Combined Word ڊاکَ
Separate Word ڊ ا کَ
Some example of Usage
ڊُو ڊُ ڊِي ڊِ ڊَا ڊَ
ڊَنۡ ڊَو ڊو ڊَي ڊي

Sindhi Sound ڏي
English Pronunciation d^e
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڏ
Initials ڏ
Middle ـڏ
Last ـڏ

In Sindhi ڏيڏر
English Pronunciation d^ed^aru
English Meaning Frog
Urdu Meaning مینڈک
Combined Word ڏيڏر
Separate Word ڏَيـ ـڏَ ر

In Sindhi ڏاڙِهُون
English Pronunciation d^aarhoo`n
English Meaning Pomgranate
Urdu Meaning انار
Combined Word ڏاڙِهُون
Separate Word ڏ ا ڙ هُـ ـو ن
Some example of Usage
ڏُو ڏُ ڏِي ڏِ ڏَا ڏَ
ڏَنۡ ڏَو ڏو ڏَي ڏي

Sindhi Sound ڌي
English Pronunciation dh~e
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڌ
Initials ڌ
Middle ـڌ
Last ـڌ

In Sindhi ڌوٻِي
English Pronunciation dh~ob^ee
English Meaning Washerman
Urdu Meaning دھوبی
Combined Word ڌوٻِي
Separate Word ڌوٻِـ ـي

In Sindhi ڌَڻُ
English Pronunciation dh~an~u
English Meaning Flock
Urdu Meaning ریوڑ
Combined Word ڌَڻُ
Separate Word ڌَ ڻُ
Some example of Usage
ڌُو ڌُ ڌِي ڌِ ڌَا ڌَ
ڌَنۡ ڌَو ڌو ڌَي ڌي

Sindhi Sound دال
English Pronunciation d~aal
Typographical Positions
Isolate د
Initials د
Middle ـد
Last ـد

In Sindhi دَرُ
English Pronunciation d~aru
English Meaning Door
Urdu Meaning دروازه
Combined Word دَرُ
Separate Word دَ رُ

In Sindhi دُهُلُ
English Pronunciation d~uhulu
English Meaning Drum
Urdu Meaning ڈھول
Combined Word دُهُلُ
Separate Word دُ هُـ ـلُ
Some example of Usage
دُو دُ دِي دِ دَا دَ
دَنۡ دَو دو دَي دي

Sindhi Sound خَي
English Pronunciation khhe
Typographical Positions
Isolate خ
Initials خـ
Middle ـخـ
Last ـخ

In Sindhi خَچَرُ
English Pronunciation khhacharu
English Meaning Mule
Urdu Meaning خچر
Combined Word خَچَرُ
Separate Word خَـ ـچَـ ـرُ

In Sindhi خَانُو
English Pronunciation khhaano
English Meaning Drawer
Urdu Meaning خانہ
Combined Word خَانُو
Separate Word خـ ـانـ ـو
Some example of Usage
خُو خُ خي خِ خَا خَ
خَنۡ خَو خو خَي خي

Sindhi Sound حَي
English Pronunciation he
Typographical Positions
Isolate ح
Initials حـ
Middle ـحـ
Last ـح

In Sindhi حَجَمُ
English Pronunciation hajamu
English Meaning Barber
Urdu Meaning حجام
Combined Word حَجَمُ
Separate Word حَـ ـجـَ ـمُ

In Sindhi حُقو
English Pronunciation huko
English Meaning Smoking Pipe
Urdu Meaning حقہ
Combined Word حُقو
Separate Word حُـ ـقـ ـو
Some example of Usage
حُو حُ حي حِ حَا حَ
حَنۡ حَو حو حَي حي

Sindhi Sound ڇي
English Pronunciation chhe
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڇ
Initials ڇـ
Middle ـڇـ
Last ـڇ

In Sindhi ڇَٽِي
English Pronunciation chhatee
English Meaning Umbrella
Urdu Meaning چھتری
Combined Word ڇَٽِي
Separate Word ڇَـ ـٽـِ ـي

In Sindhi ڇِتِ
English Pronunciation chhiti
English Meaning Roof
Urdu Meaning چھت
Combined Word ڇِتِ
Separate Word ڇِـ ـتِ
Some example of Usage
ڇُو ڇُ ڇي ڇِ ڇَا ڇَ
ڇَنۡ ڇَو ڇو ڇَي ڇي

Sindhi Sound چي
English Pronunciation che
Typographical Positions
Isolate چ
Initials چـ
Middle ـچـ
Last ـچ

In Sindhi چَنڊُ
English Pronunciation chandu
English Meaning Moon
Urdu Meaning چاند
Combined Word چَنڊُ
Separate Word چَـ ـنـ ـڊُ

In Sindhi چاٻِي
English Pronunciation chaab^ee
English Meaning Key
Urdu Meaning چابی
Combined Word چاٻِي
Separate Word چـ ـا ٻـِ ـي
Some example of Usage
چُو چُ چِي چِ چَا چَ
چَنۡ چَو چو چَي چي

Sindhi Sound ڃي
English Pronunciation j~e
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڃ
Initials ڃـ
Middle ـڃـ
Last ـڃ

In Sindhi مُڃَ
English Pronunciation muj~a
English Meaning Type of Grass
Urdu Meaning گھاس
Combined Word مُڃَ
Separate Word مُـ ـڃَ

In Sindhi ڄَڃَ
English Pronunciation j^anj~a
English Meaning Procession
Urdu Meaning بارات
Combined Word ڄَڃَ
Separate Word ڄَـ ـڃَ
Some example of Usage
ڃُو ڃُ ڃِي ڃِ ڃَا ڃَ
ڃَنۡ ڃَو ڃو ڃَي ڃي

Sindhi Sound جهي
English Pronunciation jhe
Typographical Positions
Isolate جھ
Initials جھـ
Middle ـجھـ
Last ـجھ

In Sindhi جھِرڪِي
English Pronunciation jhirkee
English Meaning Sparrow
Urdu Meaning چڑیا
Combined Word جھِرڪِي
Separate Word جھـِ ـرڪِي

In Sindhi جهَنڊو
English Pronunciation jha`ndo
English Meaning Flag
Urdu Meaning جھنڈا
Combined Word جهَنڊو
Separate Word جَھـ ـنـ ڊو
Some example of Usage
جھُو جھُ جھِي جھِ جھَا جههَ
جھَنۡ جھَو جھو جھَي جھي

Sindhi Sound ڄي
English Pronunciation j^e
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڄ
Initials ڄـ
Middle ـڄـ
Last ـڄ

In Sindhi ڄِڀَ
English Pronunciation j^ibha
English Meaning Tonge
Urdu Meaning زبان
Combined Word ڄِڀَ
Separate Word ڄِـ ـڀَ

In Sindhi ڄَارُ
English Pronunciation j^aaru
English Meaning Net
Urdu Meaning جال
Combined Word ڄَارُ
Separate Word ڄَـ ـارُ
Some example of Usage
ڄُو ڄُ ڄِي ڄِ ڄَا ڄَ
ڄَنۡ ڄَو ڄو ڄَي ڄي

Sindhi Sound جِيم
English Pronunciation jeem
Typographical Positions
Isolate ج
Initials جـ
Middle ـجـ
Last ـج

In Sindhi جُتِي
English Pronunciation jut~ee
English Meaning Slipper
Urdu Meaning جوتی
Combined Word جُتِي
Separate Word جُـ ـتِـ ـي

In Sindhi جَهازُ
English Pronunciation jahaazu
English Meaning Plane
Urdu Meaning جہاز
Combined Word جَهازُ
Separate Word جَـ ـهـ ـا زُ
Some example of Usage
جُو جُ جِي جِ جَا جَ
جَنۡ جَو جو جَي جي

Sindhi Sound پي
English Pronunciation pe
Typographical Positions
Isolate پ
Initials پـ
Middle ـپـ
Last ـپ

In Sindhi پَڳَ
English Pronunciation pag^a
English Meaning Turban
Urdu Meaning پگ
Combined Word پَڳَ
Separate Word پَـ ـڳَ

In Sindhi پَنُ
English Pronunciation panu
English Meaning Leaf
Urdu Meaning پتا
Combined Word پَنُ
Separate Word پـَ ـنُ
Some example of Usage
پُو پُ پِي پِ پَا پَ
پَنۡ پَو پو پَي پي

Sindhi Sound ثي
English Pronunciation se
Typographical Positions
Isolate ث
Initials ثـ
Middle ـثـ
Last ـث

In Sindhi ثَمَرُ
English Pronunciation samaru
English Meaning Fruit
Urdu Meaning ثمر
Combined Word ثَمَرُ
Separate Word ثَـ ـمَـ رُ

In Sindhi ثَوابُ
English Pronunciation sawaabu
English Meaning Goodness
Urdu Meaning ثواب
Combined Word ثَوابُ
Separate Word ثَـ ـوا بُ
Some example of Usage
ثُو ثُ ثِي ثِ ثَا ثَ
ثَنۡ ثَو ثو ثَي ثي

Sindhi Sound ٺي
English Pronunciation the
Typographical Positions
Isolate ٺ
Initials ٺـ
Middle ـٺـ
Last ـٺ

In Sindhi ٺُونٺِ
English Pronunciation thoonthi
English Meaning Elbow
Urdu Meaning کہنی
Combined Word ٺُونٺِ
Separate Word ٺـُ ـو نـ ـٺِ

In Sindhi ٺَپو
English Pronunciation thapo
English Meaning Stamp
Urdu Meaning ٹھپا
Combined Word ٺَپو
Separate Word ٺـَ ـپـ ـو
Some example of Usage
ٺُو ٺُ ٺِي ٺِ ٺَا ٺَ
ٺَنۡ ٺَو ٺو ٺَي ٺي

Sindhi Sound ٽي
English Pronunciation te
Typographical Positions
Isolate ٽ
Initials ٽـ
Middle ـٽـ
Last ـٽ

In Sindhi ٽوپِي
English Pronunciation topee
English Meaning Cap
Urdu Meaning ٹوپی
Combined Word ٽوپِي
Separate Word ٽـ ـو پـ ِـي

In Sindhi ٽِنڊِڻُ
English Pronunciation tindin~u
English Meaning Insect
Urdu Meaning لال بیگ
Combined Word ٽِنڊِڻُ
Separate Word ٽـِ ـنـ ـڊِ ڻُ
Some example of Usage
ٽُو ٽُ ٽِي ٽِ ٽَا ٽَ
ٽَنۡ ٽَو ٽو ٽَي ٽي

Sindhi Sound ٿي
English Pronunciation the
Typographical Positions
Isolate ٿ
Initials ٿـ
Middle ـٿـ
Last ـٿ

In Sindhi ٿَنڀُ
English Pronunciation thanbhu
English Meaning Pillar
Urdu Meaning ستون
Combined Word ٿَنڀُ
Separate Word ٿَـ ـنـ ـڀُ

In Sindhi ٿيلهو
English Pronunciation thelho
English Meaning Bag
Urdu Meaning بستہ
Combined Word ٿيلهو
Separate Word ٿـ ـيـ ـلـ هـ ـو
Some example of Usage
ٿُو ٿُ ٿِي ٿِ ٿَا ٿَ
ٿَنۡ ٿَو ٿو ٿَي ٿي

Sindhi Sound تي
English Pronunciation t~e
Typographical Positions
Isolate ت
Initials تـ
Middle ـتـ
Last ـت

In Sindhi تَارو
English Pronunciation t~aaro
English Meaning Star
Urdu Meaning تارا
Combined Word تَارو
Separate Word تـَ ـارو

In Sindhi تالو
English Pronunciation t~aalo
English Meaning Lock
Urdu Meaning تالا
Combined Word تالو
Separate Word تـ ـا لـو
Some example of Usage
تُو تُ تِي تِ تَا تَ
تَنۡ تَو تو تَي تي

Sindhi Sound ڀي
English Pronunciation bhe
Typographical Positions
Isolate ڀ
Initials ڀـ
Middle ـڀـ 
Last ـڀ

In Sindhi ڀِتِ
English Pronunciation bhit~i
English Meaning Wall
Urdu Meaning دیوار
Combined Word ڀِتِ
Separate Word ڀِـ ـتِ

In Sindhi ڀولِڙو
English Pronunciation bholir^o
English Meaning Monkey
Urdu Meaning بندر
Combined Word ڀولِڙو
Separate Word ڀـ ـولـِ ڙو
Some example of Usage
ڀُو ڀُ ڀِي ڀِ ڀَا ڀَ
ڀَنۡ ڀَو ڀو ڀَي ڀي

Sindhi Sound ٻي
English Pronunciation b^e
Typographical Positions
Isolate ٻ
Initials ٻـ
Middle ـٻـ 
Last ـٻ

In Sindhi ٻَڪِرِي
English Pronunciation b^akiree
English Meaning Goat
Urdu Meaning بکری
Combined Word ٻَڪِرِي
Separate Word ٻـَ ـڪِـ ـرِي

In Sindhi ٻِلِي
English Pronunciation b^ilee
English Meaning Cat
Urdu Meaning بلی
Combined Word ٻِلِي
Separate Word ٻِـ ـلِـ ـي
Some example of Usage
ٻُو ٻُ ٻِي ٻِ ٻَا ٻَ
ٻَنۡ ٻَو ٻو ٻَي ٻي

Sindhi Sound بي
English Pronunciation be
Typographical Positions




Middle ـبـ 
Last ـب

In Sindhi بَدَڪَ
English Pronunciation badaka
English Meaning Duck
Urdu Meaning بطخ
Combined Word بَدَڪَ
Separate Word بَـ ـدَ ڪَ

In Sindhi بَصَرُ
English Pronunciation basaru
English Meaning Onion
Urdu Meaning پیاز
Combined Word بَصَرُ
Separate Word بَـ ـصَـ رُ
Some example of Usage
بُو بُ بِي بِ بَا بَ
بَنۡ بَو بو بَي بي

Sindhi Sound الف
English Pronunciation alif
Typographical Positions




Last ـا

In Sindhi انب
English Pronunciation a`nbu
English Meaning Mango
Urdu Meaning آم
Combined Word اَنبُ
Separate Word اَ نـ ـب ُ

In Sindhi اک
English Pronunciation akhi
English Meaning Eye
Urdu Meaning آنکھ
Combined Word اَک
Separate Word اَ کِ
Some example of Usage
اُو اُ اِي اِ آ اَ
اَنۡ اَو او اَي اي